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Version 4.10 Version History, Known Errata, and Limitations
Last Updated: 6/13/19

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4.10 - Enhancements

  1. Verified functionality on Excel 2019 / Windows 10 !
  2. Web Site Processing -
    1. Added Deep Blue and Orange web styling themes
    2. Enhanced web styling themes
  3. Schedule Manager -
    1. Added user control of Next Game Highlighting text color.
    2. Added user-selectable marker character for next unplayed game.
  4. Batting Leaders - In Multi-Season Mode, added computation of top leaders for a single season in each category.

4.10 - Fixes

  1. General Preferences, Web Page Composer Content Preferences dialogs - Corrected sizing of some items that were clipped under Windows versions of Excel.
  2. Supressed window flashing that can occur during import functions when runing under Excel on Windows platforms.1. Supressed window flashing that can occur during import functions when runing under Excel on Windows platforms.
  3. Import Stats tool did not work correctly in Multi-Season Mode. Was OK from File / Import menu.

Known Errata and limitations

  1. The SBC is designed to operate on US versions of Excel and may not work on some international versions, especially non-English language versions due to major functional limitations in the underlying Excel macro engines.
  2. The File / Print command will result in more than one print dialog.
  3. Performance of the SBC varies on different versions of Excel. This is due to implementation differences of the various Excel versions.
  4. Closing the SBC via the Excel / Exit command, or X close buttons on some versions of Excel may result in a prompt to save the SBC_Macros.xlm file. Answering Don’t Save will allow proper termination. Preferable to use the SBC File/Quit Softball Calculator command. See User Manual for more details.
Toolbars and Palettes
  1. The checked/unchecked state of the toolbar items on the View menu do not immediately reflect the state of the toolbars if a toolbar is closed via a toolbar close button. They will reflect the correct states after the next SBC menu command is executed. This is a limitation as the macros do not have dynamic access to these events.
  2. On some versions of Excel on the Macintosh, some of the Excel built-in toolbars are not available. These toolbars will appear dimmed on the View menu.
  3. On Excel versions with the Ribbon UI, the SBC View menu is no longer present.
Web Page Processing
  1. Relative URL addresses cannot be used if the Player Files Directory option is activated. Use addresses that result in absolute URL’s. Otherwise, incorrect links may be generated in the player files. The SBC will test for this situation and alert the user to correct the URL’s.
  2. The save areas for web pages and HTML tables must be contiguous cell selections. This is an issue only for the File / Save Selection As Web Page or Save Selection As HTML Table commands as they allow user selectable cell areas.
  3. Graphics objects for web pages may not match the images pasted on the team worksheet if the user specifies an incorrect file link for the web graphic or if the user modifies the graphic on screen. Printed pages are not affected.
Windows Platform Specific
  1. On some Windows versions of Excel, the SBC Help / Excel Help command is not functional. In addition, the standard Excel Help toolbar button may not be displayed in the SBC Toolbar. To view the standard Excel Help, click on the icon in the window or in any dialog box drag bar.
  2. Dialogs with dropdown menu lists may have blank slots in the list. This is an anomaly of the Windows dialog item processing in some Excel versions.
  3. The File / Page Setup and File / Print commands may result in a macro error if executed without a printer selected previously. This is most prevalent on the Windows platform. Solution is to insure that a printer has been selected prior to executing either of these commands. Use the File / Printer Setup command.
  4. Several dialogs have combination edit/dropdown menu items such as player names, color number/name selection. If the user activates the dropdown menu and decides to not select one of the items, the first item in the list will be selected and will override any user value in the edit box. This is an anomaly of the Windows dialog item processing. If this occurs, hit the Cancel button to preserve the original value and retry the command again.
  5. Occasionally on some commands, an error dialog of Can’t Empty Clipboard may occur. The internal operation is usually exceuted correctly. This is a well-documented problem on older versions of Excel and other Office products on Windows. There are a number of causes for this. The SBC attempts to bypass most of these instances. Unfortunately, some are beyond the capabilities of the SBC to address.
  6. On some Excel versions, the Help key does not get mapped to the SBC Shortcuts. The keyboard equivilent: ctl+alt+? and toolbar button do work correctly.
  7. Performance on Excel/2013 is slower than on other versions such as Excel/2010 on equivilent systems.
  8. The Window menu has no function under versions of Excel with the Ribbon Interface and therefore does not appear on the SBC menu bar.
  9. The File Open command cannot be used to open additional documents under versions of Excel with the Ribbon Interface. Double-click on the document to open it.
  10. On some versions of Excel (eg: 2007, 2010), the Print Preview option results in what appears to be a hang condition with no controls to terminate the mode. This is an anomoly of Excel. To terminate the mode, go to the Windows Task Bar, right-click on the Excel icon, and run the End Window command. This will return control to the SBC.
  11. The File / About Softball Calculator command will usually report the underlying operating system as: Windows NT 6.01 regardless of the actual operating system. This is an inherent Excel macros issue. No work-around.
Macintosh Platform Specific:
  1. The SBC does not work under Excel Office 2016 due to lack of critical macro functionality to create custom menus. It is suggested that the user obtain an alternate Excel version (eg: Excel 2004 or 2011 on the Mac or any version of Excel on Windows).
  2. Performance of the SBC on most version of Excel on the Macintosh platform is inherently slower than on the Windows platform, given similar hardware. This is an inherent limitation due to the Excel macro language implementation differences between the two platforms.
  3. The Format / Alignment, Format / Patterns and Format / Borders and equivalent toolbar buttons are disabled on the Mac versions of Excel prior to Excel/2011 due to bugs in the underlying Excel macros.
  4. The About Softball Calculator command will report the system environment as PowerPC, not Intel if the version of Excel is running under the Rosetta PowerPC emulator (Example: Excel 2004 under OSX 10.4 on an Intel-based Mac).
Excel/2008 and 2011 Macintosh Platform Specific:
  1. Starting with Excel 2008, a new Ribbon User Interface was introduced. This is a hybrid implementaion compared to the Windows Ribbon UI. The SBC menus will still appear in the menu bar at the top of the window and the SBC toolbars are still floating toolbars as in previous versions.
  2. Many of the built-in Excel tools and functions formally available via floating toolbars have been relocated to the Ribbon UI.
  3. The SBC Team Worksheets are configured to show page breaks. On Excel 2008 and 2011, this function is broken. This is primarily for aesthetic purposes. Printing and web page generation are not affected There is no workaround for this.
  4. When executing commands that take a fair amount of time to execute, the contents of the window may appear to jump or flash. This is cosmetic only.
  5. A Script menu is displayed on the custom SBC menu bar. The SBC cannot block this.
Excel 2011 Macintosh Platform Specific only:
  1. The Formula button on the SBC toolbar is disabled as the supporting macros under XL2011 are broken. Use the formula button on the Excel quick function toolbar instead.
  2. The mouse cursor doesn't change to a watch cursor when an SBC command is running. Check the Status Bar at the bottom of the window or the progress bar box for activity.
  3. On completion of program startup, the SBC may lose window focus. Clicking on the window will restore focus.
    This can be caused by previous use of the Excel Developer tab and the VBA editor. Insure that the Home tab is the active tab. Sometimes, clicking on the Developer tab and opening and closing the VBA editor will fix this.
Excel 2008 Macintosh Platform Specific only:
  1. Functionality on this version is limited due to significant lack of Excel macro support and no VBA macro support. It is suggested that the user obtain an alternate Excel version (eg: Excel 2004 or 2011 on the Mac or any version of Excel on Windows) for full functionality.
  2. The SBC custom toolbars are not available (limitation in XL2008 macros). Use the equivilent menu commands instead.
  3. The SBC Team Worksheets are normally configured for display in Page Break Preview mode. This mode is not available. The button for Normal View located at the lower left corner of the window must be selected manually for proper SBC operation.
  4. On Excel 2008, custom content area graphics are not supported.
  5. Working with non-SBC documents is supported. However, switching windows must be done via the Window menu in order to get the menus and toolbars to switch correctly.

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