Softball/Baseball Team Calculator

1                    GENERAL INFORMATION


Figure 1-1  SBC Overview

The SOFTBALL/BASEBALL STATISTICS CALCULATOR (referred to as the SBC ) is a simple yet powerful application for keeping team batting statistics and division standings.


It is very easy to use and menu-driven allowing the user to:


·         Create a new team worksheet

·         Add players to either of two rosters 

·         Add teams to the division

·         Maintain a game schedule and results

·         Transcribe/update the batting results from the game scoresheets

·         Import game statistics collected via an Android or iPhone/iPad mobile stats app

·         Combine stats from individual seasons into a unified multi-season (career) team worksheet

·         Calculate team batting leaders in up to 19 categories

·         Maintain and automatically calculate the division standings 

·         Create a line score and box score for a selected game

·         Print reports

·         Create a web site optimized for both desktop and mobile web browsers with a single command !