Softball/Baseball Team Calculator

Version 4.10 - Released 06/13/19

Check out the Release Notes and the Revision History and Compatibility for more details.


The SBC requires a legal copy of Microsoft Excel® (not supplied) to execute it.
It has been tested on the following operating systems and US-English versions of Excel:


Excel Office 2019 (v16) under Windows 10 only
Excel Office 2016 (v16)
Excel Office 2013 (v15)
Excel Office 2010 (v14)
Excel Office 2007 (v12)
Excel Office 2003 (v11)
Excel Office 2002/XP (v10)

Mac OS X

Excel Office 2011 (v14)
Excel Office 2008 (v12)
Excel Office 2004 (v11)
Excel Office/X (v10)

The SBC is not compatible with Excel 2016 or 2019 on the Mac OS X platform.

Existing SBC team worksheets are upward compatible with newer SBC releases.
See the Release Notes and the User Manual for more details on upgrading the worksheets.

The SBC is not compatible with the following spreadsheet applications due to incompatible or non-existant support for macros:

Licensing and Donations

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Future Enhancements

There's an on-going list of enhancements that are being evaluated for incorporation into future revisions.
Contact the author
if you have a suggestion for improvement of the interface or functionality additions.

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