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Version 5.10 - Version History
Last Updated: 09/29/23

Check out the full revision history for previous revisions and known errata.

5.10 - General Release

5.10 - Enhancements

  1. One Step Web Site –
    1. Added Creating a Web Site With Multiple Seasons and Career Stats section in User Manual with procedures to create a web site structure with multiple seasons plus career stats that is easy for user navigation and web site maintainence.
    2. Added 11 new masthead icons.
    3. Box Scores Page – No longer needs Javascript to display
  2. Box Scores –
    1. Added ability to handle games that go beyond 10 innings.
    2. A blank line score entry in an inning for one team will assume to be 0 if the other team has a valid runs entry.

5.10 - Fixes

  1. Web Themes – Masthead fill color on screen was not getting updated when a web theme change occurred via manual selection/modification or by importing a web theme file. Did not affect web page generation.
  2. Calculate Box Score – Total runs scored by Home Team verification should be supressed if the game is marked as a Foreit/Forfeit – Win/Forfeit – Loss.
  3. One Step Web Site
    1. Minor fixes to zebra striping of content tables.
    2. Corrected issue where the Home Page URL did not update correctly if Inlcude Files Processing mode had been changed.
    3. Corrected some instances where the the Home Page URL suffix did not update correctly.
    4. Misc bug fixes

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