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Version 5.22 - Version History
Last Updated: 05/10/24

Check out the full revision history for previous revisions and known errata.

5.22 - General Release

5.22 - Enhancements

  1. Analyze Web Theme – Improved reporting of attribute mismatches.
  2. Improved generation of robots.txt file.
  3. Added new web theme: Green-Tan
  4. Added option for dropdown navigation bar for desktop browsers. Same as for mobile browsers.

5.22 - Fixes

  1. One Step Web Site / Privacy and Security Page -
    1. Preferences / General - Corrected issue where some settings precluded activation of Privacy page link.
    2. Adjusted formatting of Privacy web page.
    3. Mobile dropdown navigation icon (hamburger) was not generated on web pages after a new Privacy Page was created.
    4. Improved summary of Privacy page and content links at completion of One Step Web Site command.
  2. One Step Web Site – Footer area on some web pages was missing, blank, or corrupted.
  3. Corrected problem processing color overrides.
  4. Import Stats – Test for possible Expansion Roster consolidation might fail if the imported season did not have any Expansion Roster entries.
  5. Navigation activation icon (Hamburger) did not respond to clicks/touches in all areas of the icon.
  6. Misc bug fixes.

5.21 - General Release

5.21 - Fixes

  1. One Step Web Site – Corrected problem where some Google font families were not loaded.
  2. One Step Web Site –Added Audiowide Google font as an option.
  3. Delete Player Stats By Game Range - Corrected updating issues for Box Score, Batting Leaders and Division Standings.
  4. User Notes / Format – Command did not scroll to the User Notes page correctly.

5.20 - General Release

5.20 - Enhancements

  1. One Step Web Site - Added option for Privacy and Security Notice web page.
  2. Added Mouse/Touch Mode control to Quick Access Toolbar. Controls spacing of Ribbon buttons on screen.
  3. General cleanup of message, progress, and alert boxes.

5.20 - Fixes

  1. Division Standings - Games Behind Leader display setting was not preserved on re-launch.
  2. Pasted Graphics Processing - Corrected reporting of missing picture links during One Step Web Site Command.
  3. File Processing - Fixed condition where the current directory setting was not preserved for subsequent selections.
  4. Misc bug fixes.

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