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Web Themes updated !5.22
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Web Themes 

A selection of 15 pre-defined web themes are available. They have been preconfigured with coloring and styling for all content, masthead and navigation areas of a web site.

The themes are selectable from the Web Themes command. Select a theme of your choice from the dropdown list and hit the Load Theme button to make the selection. The Active theme will then be used the next time that you generate a web site.

Loading the theme will update major areas of the Team Worksheet including masthead/header areas, catagory title fills, schedule highlighting, etc.

Web Themes Dialog 
osws prefs   

In Expanded Commands mode, the attributes can be modified via comands the Web Composer Preferences menus. The Active theme is always used as the theme for the next web site generation.

If desired, you can save a modified theme by using the Web Themes command and hitting the Save Theme button. This will save the theme as the Saved Theme. Saving a predefined unmodified theme isn't allowed as this would serve no purpose.

If you customize your theme, it can be transferred to another Team Worksheet via the Export / Web Theme and Import Theme commands.


Samples of the themes are shown below.

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Most of the pre-defined themes specify separate color schemes for the masthead and navigation areas. If a unified masthead-navigation bar scheme is desired, use Expanded Commands Mode Web Composer / Preferences / Masthead and Navigation Bar commands to adjust. If you are utilizing a Gradient fill, copy those colors as desired. Make sure that the text colors provide adequate contrast.

Masthead Icons

7 new masthead icons added ! new !5.10

A masthead icon can be placed at the left edge of the masthead. A predefined set of icon files is supplied. Selection is via the Web Composer Preferences One Step Web Site command. Click on any icon below for a larger view.

Icons courtesy of:   Icons8     Freepik     Pixabay     Mike Judge
Rec League logo (beer can masthead icon) is a trademark of Mass Bay Brewing Co.

In Expanded Commands Mode, a custom teaam icon can be defined as well via the Web Composer / Preferences / Masthead command. The Web Composer will size the icon image down to fit in the masthead.

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