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SBC Overview

The Softball/Baseball Team Calculator (SBC) is a simple Excel-based application for keeping batting statistics, game schedule, results, and division standings for a softball or baseball team.
Check out the tutorials and a live team web site for examples.

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Supported solely by user donations !!!

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Major Features

• Track individual player and team batting statistics
   on a game-by-game basis
• Capture stats from game scoresheets or mobile stats apps
• Consolidate stats from multiple seasons for career stats
• Create player roster manually or import from a file
• User selectable slow/fast pitch softball,
    baseball stats tracking
• Calculates team batting leaders in up to
   19 selectable categories
• Maintains game schedule and results.
   Schedule can be exported to popular calendar apps
   such as gCal, Android, iOS Calendar, Outlook, etc.
• Calculates division standings
• Generates box scores
• Computes career stats from multiple seasons

Ease of Use Features

• Full-featured Ribbon interface (under Windows Excel versions 2010 or later)
   plus a traditional menu and toolbar user interface
• Streamlined data entry and maintenance operations
• Extensive import and export features to ease set-up and coordination with other apps
• Generate a team web site with a single command !
   ▸ No web authoring knowledge required !
   ▸ Responsive Design web pages optimized for
       desktop and mobile browsers
   ▸ Selectable web site themes
   ▸ Generates Optional Privacy and Security Web Page (User customizable) new !5.20
   ▸ Web pages compliant with Google's mobile friendly standards mobile_friendly
        for higher search ranking
• Complete User Manual (pdf and on-line) with step-by-step instructions included

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