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Initial Setup

The distribution media contains sample files to expedite getting started with the SBC. It is suggested that new users start with the SBC_Sample_Team.xls file. This file is populated with roster entries, player game stats, division standings and schedule entries. This file will allow the user to get familiar with the structure and commands.

The user can then set up the basic attrbutes for a New Team.

Alternatively, a copy of the SBC_Blank_Team.xls can be used.

If you already have your Team Worksheet configured from a previous season, the New Season command can be used to set it up for a new season or tournament. This command will preserve the player names in the roster and teams in the standings.

Rosters Setup and Maintenance
import menu    Rosters commands 

Each player in the active roster has their own detailed stats page. Players in the expansion roster appear in a composite page. The expansion roster title can be renamed as desired (e.g.: Reserves, Substitutes, Alternates, Drive-By's, etc.). The number of players in either roster is unlimited.

Players can be manually entered into either roster via the Add Player command. Rosters can be imported from an external file as well.

Roster modifications and maintenance can be made via the other commands in the Rosters menu. The Transfer Player command allows players and their stats to be moved to/from the active and expansion rosters as desired. The Merge Players command allows the stats from two different players to be combined into a single player entry.

Entering/Updating Player Stats From The Game Scoresheets

The game scoresheet is the source for the batting statistics for each game. In Expanded Commands mode, game stats can be imported from a number of mobile stats apps.

The Stats command is used to transcribe the individual player stats into the team worksheet. This command is also used for making changes to existing entries for a particular player and game. This command invokes the Select Player Name and Game dialog box. The game of interest and the first player name is selected by this dialog. Players from the active or expansion roster (renamed Substitutes in this example) can be selected via the dropdown menu.

After the game and player name have been selected, the Player Update dialog will appear. The drag bar will indicate whether this is a new entry for this player/game selection or an update to existing stats. The dialog is constructed for rapid entry of the player statistics with the fields in the same order as found in most scoresheets. The values will be sanity-checked to catch most data entry errors.

After the stats have been entered/updated, the SBC will prompt the user for the next player in alphabetical sequence. The user may choose to go to a different player/game entry as desired.

Importing Player Stats From a Mobile Stats App
import menu    import stats dialog 

A number of popular apps exist on the market to capture game statistics on a mobile device. The SBC currently supports the following formats:

Game statistics are exported from the mobile app into a file. The actual export procedure varies by the app.

The Stats command invokes a prompt for basic parameter selections. The importer will merge the stats for each roster player for the selected game into the Team Worksheet. Players not found in either roster will be added and marked for the user to take appropriate action after the import has completed.

Importing Player Stats From Other Sources
import menu   

new !4.50  If the source is not one of the pre-defined mobile apps, game-by-game stats for each player can be imported via the General format into a Single Season Team Worksheet. Player stats from one or multiple games can be imported. Template files are included in the distrubtion media.

new !4.60  Stats from external sources can be imported from one or multiple seasons into Multi Season Team Worksheets as well. Template files are included in the distrubtion media.

Individual Player Batting Statistics

The SBC maintains a game-by-game statistics area for each active roster player on the team.

A separate composite stats page will contain the entries for all players in the expansion roster. The user has the option of viewing these entries sorted by player name or by game number as desired.

Team Batting Statistics

The SBC collates composite player statistics from the game-by-game stats for each active player on the team. A composite of the expansion roster players stats ("Substitutes" in this example) is also calculated.

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