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Division Standings
division standings 

A maximum of 35 teams may be entered. This allows for tournaments to be tracked.

The method of tracking team records is flexible. The traditional method where the composite records of each team can be used. The WLT values would be entered manually and the standings updated as desired.

In the example above, the main team is Velocity. The other teams are the teams that Velocity has played during the season. Thus, the records of the other teams are limited to the games played against Velocity.

When using this mode, the Division Standings can be automatically updated from the Game Schedule results via the Auto Update Standings feature.

Standings can be imported from and exported to an external file.

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Game Schedule and Results

The SBC maintains the game schedule and results for all games. This includes attribute information (eg: Date, Time, Field), opponent, line scores and optional status.

The schedule and results can be viewed at any time. Optionally, it can be printed and included as a web page.

Game results are updated whenever the Line Score for a game is added/modified via the Box Score. A composite W/L/T record as well as runs scored, W/L margins, and W/ or L game streak are computed.

The schedule information can be entered/modified manually or imported from a file.

Calendar Files

The schedule information can be exported to a vCalendar (.ics) formatted file, and, subseqeuntly imported into popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Andriod, iOS and OSX Calendar, etc.

A basic Comma Separated Variables (.csv) formatted schedule can also be generated for calendar apps that cannot accept vCalendar formats. Although more limited in functionality, the .csv files are easier to edit or reformat.

Calculating Batting Leaders

After individual player stats for a game have been entered, the top leaders from 19 user-selectable categories can be calculated. Players from the expansion roster can be included if desired.

In Multi-Season mode, the leaders are calculated for all players for all seasons. A display of the all-time top leaders by category in a single season is computed as well.

The number of leaders displayed and the minimum AB or APP criteria are user selectable. Ties for the last position in each category will be computed and displayed.

A quick summary of the top player in each category is also computed and displayed on the Team Summary Page. Ties for the first position in each category will be computed and displayed.

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