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Generation of Web Site
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A major feature of the SBC is an extensive web site generation capability for teams that wish to maintain their own web site. Knowledge of web page authoring is not required as the SBC will generate all of the files for the site with a single command.

The SBC generates Responsive Design web pages. The web site will be optimized for desktop as well as for mobile devices. The pages are compliant with Google's mobile friendly standards and thus will enjoy higher search engine rankings.

The SBC generates very compact web page code. It does not make use of any browser-specific features and thus, the pages should render correctly on a variety of popular desktop and mobile browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla/SeaMonkey, Safari, Chrome, iPhone/iPad iOS Safari, Android, etc.

A common masthead is automatically created for each page with navigation hyperlinks to the major content pages and individual player stats pages. The current active page will be highlighted in the navigation bar.

The page content for mobile devices is optimized for the smaller screens found on these devices. The navigation bar is hidden until needed. It is activated by tapping on the classic "hamburger" icon in the masthead.

The user may choose from a selection of 14 predefined themes plus two user-defined themes. The user may choose from a selection of 17 masthead icons as well. A custom icon (eg: team logo) can be placed as well. Check out the Web Themes and Masthead Icons sections of this tutorial for more details.

A web site is created using the One Step Web Site command. Then, all that is necessary is to upload these files to your web site !

The SBC will automatically build a site consisting of:

More sophisticated web sites can be built depending on the desire and sophistication of the user. The User Manual contains extensive information for those wishing to customize their web site.

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